Some of the questions I might have heard a few times already…

There are some questions that people just keep asking over and over, and they just make me always a bit tired and frustrated. Like, of ALL the possible things to out in this universe, thereʻs nothing else you might possibly want to know or ask?

Hereʻs the list of some of those frustrating questions.

Where are you from?” (Hey, Iʻve lived in ten countries. I donʻt want to give a long story about me overtime someone thinks I sound funny).

How many languages do you speak?” (I guess that depends if you count some dialects also as languages. I donʻt really know the answer either way).

Are you completely blind?” (Wow, are you completely… sighted?)

“How can you [insert a normal action here that everyone should be able to do. Like wipe your behind, run outdoors, take photos, read a book, use COUGH – ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES]?” (Wow… I donʻt know how to answer this one. Live and learn? Try, stumble, hurt yourself, try again until you learn more)

Whatʻs wrong with you?” — this one has to be my favorite. Now let me at least try to answer you honestly.

I have an attitude. I use my brain. I like to keep my brain functional.

I use assistive technologies. You know: #VoiceOver on iOS and Mac. I REALLY rely in using assistive technologies, NOT LIMITED to only VoiceOver and Text To Speech but many of my own settings too. I read and write in the internet and interact with my friends and call my friends, ALL WITH THE USE OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES.

I can read and write fine. I hope at least.

I am learning #braille. I am a braille reader.

I can show you how braille works. I can also show you how I use VoiceOver.

There. Iʻm a VoiceOver user. And I read and write in Braille. And now letʻs talk about something else. Do you like music or movies? What kind of food or sports do you like? 


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