It’s been a while, again

It’s been a while again. Way too long since the past update. And not just a neglected blog but many other things that could have got a bit more attention, interaction, and some of that better executive functioning that seems to still be in backorder.

So what’s new? Quite a bit. A new place. Our own. And in a different part of town, so that means learning new routes for getting around, for running, eating etc. It’ll take a while. I have some running and walking paths figured out, but always hungry for more, and longer ones. I know where the bus stops are towards downtown and which buses to take. But it’s all kind of slowly moving thing. We took the time to move, so there is still the garage to sort in the old place, and there are still boxes to unload and to sort. I’m aiming for zen of not too much junk around, so let’s see how long it takes to master the workflow and to find everything its place.

While trying to achieve the zen to the new place, I’m trying to stick to things having their place. There is coming big time the desire to have less stuff. And while we had started to already figure we needed to move before christmas, so much of things seem to move around stuff. All the gift giving parts of culture (christmas, birthdays etc). Spend time in searching for something you think the other person will like, buy it, gift it, pretend you like it, keep it around for ages, guilty that you don’t like it and it’s not your style, donate it to some charity thing. A big unfulfilling circle. So we started with the “don’t buy us stuff” thing, fortunately not getting much then since. (Of course, people don’t have always a good memory. So, what was the last thing I got? A book. In print) Maybe it’s also a growing up thing, as we both grew up in families with not much money around. So there are all these weird  things around stuff and things that people do. My parents collected everything “in case it’ll be needed”. His like buying stuff for others, but seem to donate or give away all the cool random older stuff he wanted. He has an instant gratification thing, and likes weird geek things, and has an excellence in finding cool gifts. I’m trying to mot have too much stuff as it does not make me happy, yet keeping a few things for the memories. And over time, trying to replace the gift giving culture thing with experience or let’s go eat out something fun instead.

Everything will need to have its place in a house that isn’t always primarily operated by eyes. That is very valid here, and is pretty much the only thing in common in the houses of any blind or visually impaired people I know. And that would, incidentally, make all houses much easier to navigate and use. Imagine if you never had to guess where something is because you knew where everything is? Maybe it’s some good motivations for getting less stuff around, for getting a better organization for the existing stuff, and to get a better spatial memory. And with that everything having its place I don’t mean just “over there”, “on the counter” or “in the drawer”. A precise spot for things. Don’t move my cheese, or keys, or knives – even if you place them a few inches of where they were before, it might just mean it will take forever to find those things again.

What else is new? Not much I guess. Haven’t stopped running, but slowed down too much. Allergies. Travel. Moving. Acheyness and so on. But it’s a good season to start on adding miles, to get to the next 10km race, then increasing to a half marathon and so on. Running outdoors just feels good, so no matter how bad a day or how unable to articulate something, to speak, or to try to figure what an earth I’m supposed to feeling, put on running shoes and sort it out. Other things include moving one volunteer thing to an internet based thing, so there will be less social interaction with people (offline that is), but it’s still fun and I get to at least set up my system to have all the accessibility things I need. And it’s weird how sometimes you can realize how far you can have grown from some friends or family. With my stepsister it feels we barely even speak the same language (meaning that literally since she only speaks her first with me). Like there isn’t really anything to even say any more, and whatever clumsy attempts she makes rub somehow the wrong way. (Part of the problem is definitely cultural too – she is painfully neurotypical whereas my communication styles are painfully aspie. She assumes I should be like all other persons with femaleness in my communication styles, and gets all uppity when I just don’t discuss feelings or emotions orally with her or anyone. The rest include her bad decisions, and my unwillingness to always forgive rudeness and lack of manners even when NT persons are supposed to get the wildcard for being emotional, rude assholes for just being drunk or otherwise unbalanced and therefore more true to their self). But before figuring out any more of how to deal with her drama, or any trips this summer to Europe, time to enjoy some gardening too.

This year I’ve got my own garden. Back yard that is, and not just a balcony. While I figure where everything should grow, all the peppers are still grown in containers (that I hacked years ago of IKEA’s Fniss plastic paper baskets. Usual desk paper basket size, added some holes in the bottom for drainage, use as a regular pot), and many new other things will also be grown in containers. Fragrant herbs, a few strawberry plants, a few flowers and some trees that I’m planning to add to the collection. So, overall – the same old here, even if it’s in a different house now. Time to make a list of future topics again, and try to set some time for writing.


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