Comparing the functional levels – why?

Ever disclose of your neurodiversity and receive back incomprehensible comments like “But at least you’re a mild case… not as severe as many others” etc. “But you’re verbal“, “but you can speak so well“, “but you’re intelligent… you have degrees“. Why do people without my type of neurological wiring have to resort to that? If you are not autistic, you have no clue what it takes to be me, to even talk to you with my voice. And if I take the leap of actually telling you, I get that? Wow.

Do you people without autism do that for people with other types of disabilities and illnesses too, or is it reserved only for the autistics? “I know this other guy… he’s so severe. You’re such a mild case”. Really, people? I am kind of getting tired of it, so if you think that is acceptable as behavior, let me use it the next time anyone talks about their health issues.

NT: “I have a nasty flu…” Comeback: “But your case is so mild… I read about some guy in the news last week, he died because of his flu. You don’t even look sick.”

NT: “I got new eyeglasses” CB: “Your glasses are so mild. And you can just put on your glasses and look at stuff. Many of my friends actually need a cane or a dog…”

NT: “I have some tinnitus sometimes” CB: “You are so lucky,  that must be barely noticable. There’s this guy, Bob, that I work with… he’s totally Deaf and uses sign language…”

NT: “I have a headache” CB: “Your case must be so mild. I know some people who have headaches several times a month, and a friend of mine had this killer headache, turned out it was a brain cancer… and another friend of mine literally died after a killer migraine.”

NT: “I’m feeling depressed.” CB: “But you are neurotypical. What do you have to be depressed about? Everything in your world is designed for you people, how you think and behave. Try being actually disabled, nonverbal, nonconfirming with the sex you were assigned with, with a culture, language, and skintone different from those around you..”

NT: “My foot hurts” CB: “That’s nothing. My uncle had both of his legs amputated…”

How does that make you feel, neurotypicals?


2 thoughts on “Comparing the functional levels – why?”

  1. Like you, I don’t mean to judge anyone or any professionals. Sometimes the comments are meant to encourage. Encouragement is good, but the comments you mentioned are like backhanded compliments. Because there might be worse cases does not diminish yours. You make an excellent observation.


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