The Signs of Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder – A Parody

An older story but so accurate, in how autistic people are always portrayed by all the orgs that are tryingto “belp” us.

Emma's Hope Book

*This is a parody

The following “red flags” may indicate your child is in danger of having Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder (NSD).  If your child displays any of the following, take them immediately to an allistic or non- neurotypical pediatrician or family doctor for evaluation.  Caught early enough many children have shown dramatic improvement.  Studies show that intensive early behavioral interventions can and do help these children flourish giving them the opportunity to become honest, creative, non compliant thinkers who will not be overly concerned with amassing wealth by any means necessary or driven by self-serving desires and wants.

  • Emoting and peculiar noises when confronted with adults who make ridiculous faces and sounds at them by six months
  • Excessive self involvement by nine months
  • Excessive “babbling” seemingly to gain attention  by 12 months
  • Pronounced back and forth gestures such as pointing at random objects, reaching, and waving at anyone who smiles…

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