How Could the World Be More Autism Friendly

This is what autism friendly workplace sounds like to me.
Those places can exist; maybe this world needs more autistic managers and workgroups where we have blind and deaf people so we’ll all have to learn more about communication, and how it cannot simply be all that reading between the lines of use of facial expressions, tones of voice, unspoken and unwritten messages…

If I’ll work in a paid environment again, it’ll have to be autism friendly. My home is autism friendly, and the offices should be too. For workgroups, they’ll just either have to be mostly composed of men, or of people with a lot of variety so that the female-typical in-person communication methods won’t be the dominating communication styles.

Edit: thoughts for after reading the linked article…

What has so far been the biggest fail of workplaces is the use of sight and communication styles to exclude people. It feels so obvious and like so an easy a fix. Don’t use facial expressions or bosy languages as the main means to communicate your message, and don’t use “tone of voice” to communicate further between the lines. Choose your words wiser when you talk, provide instructions in the format a person can use (such as digital), and if there’s an issue with a person, use a direct approach. What has been done by other people in unnamed places: not address issues directly but thru very unnecessary loops; not ask about accommodations when apparently necessary; being a manager with no connection to employees, just staring a numbers at some computer generated statistics chart while focusing on themself; being a micro manager; using abusive language


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