Future post ideas?

Happy Sunday.

It’s been a lovely weekend of Futurama and wine here, with a warm kitty enjoying a lot of lap time. And I’ve been trying to make a list of future ideas to blog about, ideally ideas open and common to all, where it would be easy to encourage what with others – like how do you choose or do something else. So read on, and comment if there are some items that would be lovely on the topics of inclusion, accessibility, diversity etc etc – while not being those but something else.

Here some ideas on the list:

  • Makeup or beauty regimes (when you don’t see that well), including what beauty is
  • Clothes, fashion (for both sensory sensitivities, autistic and visual diversitiyes)
  • Growing up with high sound sensitivity (sensory or autistic mostly)
  • Accessible and easy to adapt hobby ideas (sports, cooking, gardening, crafts etc), showing some details and exploring into detail
  • The stress of phone calls (mostly aspie view)
  • Sports (actively)
  • Independent travel (mostly visually impaired points of view)
  • Diversity in reading
  • Small details in making home and things accessible
  • Things learned after embracing one’s own autistic tendencies and learning some blind skills
  • Echolocation tips
  • Communication and flirting tips
  • Sleep management
  • Dyslexia
  • Color blindness issues (and other invisible disability issues)

What else should be on my list? What would be fun to read about? I’d love topics that are kind of universal, that can encourage discussions with those with other kinds of sensory or other differences.


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