70 of the absolute BEST #ActuallyAutistic blog posts I’ve ever read (300th post)

This would probably be a good list of links for anyone interested in communication issues, accessibility, ASD or asperger, other disabilities etc.
Don’t also forget disability issues can coexist, so one can be blind or deaf or deafblind and have asperger syndrome. Or just be a female person, and manage to try to fit in only to be accidentally discovered as an aspie in their fourties when their offspring gets diagnosed at an early age (and hopefully will get some support).

the silent wave

In the very first post on this blog and on my currently-pinned Twitter tweet, I state that “The Silent Wave”, on a grander scale, is not about me; it’s about all of us (especially those of us who are either recently diagnosed or otherwise adult-diagnosed on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum), as we find ourselves and chart a new route through the waters of life.

In my attempt to live up to that statement not just by saying it, but by following through with evidential action, I’ve tried to start a little informal tradition in which, every hundredth post or so, I write a post that hands over the megaphone from my loud mouth to the well-deserving voices.  These commemorative posts have actually become my favorite ones to write!

Today, for my 300th post, I’d like to celebrate (oh god, there’s so much to celebrate–the community, the feedback, the cohesion, the variance…

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2 thoughts on “70 of the absolute BEST #ActuallyAutistic blog posts I’ve ever read (300th post)”

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for reblogging! I’m honored! 😊😊 I’m glad I found your blog, too!! What a neat treasure trove of amazing thoughts ❤️ Following!

    So nice to meet you! Cheers!
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer 🌟


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