It’s dark…

It’s the dark season, officionally.

The wintertime daylight wastings time is on, so the darkness arrives an hour earlier than it did just last week. That hour is a big, and it adds on top of the total light levels. It’s very dark.

On the weekend it was also very dark. It rained and was stormy. And people still posted pictures of rainbows from this city. They see rainbows, and all I see is dark. It’s just dark, and I don’t mean it by any means metaphorically. Just simply that my perception of the day is that it’s very dark. It means I have to do things a little differently. Yellow shades if they make me see something a bit more, instead of the dark ones when they reduce everything to nothing. More outdoors exposure during the brightest hours. Food that warms but doesn’t bring carb coma and so on.

It’s 3PM (afternoon) now. By what I can feel of the lights, it feels like the same amount of sunlight that you get in Scandinavia at 3AM (night) in summertime. It felt even darker earlier. At least less of eye pain due to bright lights today, so there’s always the positive side.


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