Movie accessibility in cinema, in future

I can’t wait to have apps on smartphones that allow moviegoers to enjoy audio description on their own headphones (or closed captions on their VR lenses or both), all using their own phones and own headphoners.

That will be so much better than now. Now if you need audio description, that is can’t see enough on screen or would like to know better what you are missing, there are only few cinemas that have AD headphones. Not all movies come with AD/DVS option. So you need to find a theater that has it and a movie, and a show, and then reserve the headset. And then hope there are enough of them for that show, and that whoever gave you the headset didn’t set it to DEAF settings instead.

Imagine going to any movie theater, picking any movie, put on your own tiny headphones (no guessing who else has worn them), sit and enjoy.

Simple enough to make a reality, but it’s not there yet. Disney and Pixar are making an app that will allow something like that, and it’s been tested or is being tested somewhere in California now. Until that’s there, I just go to a local theater where they don’t have those DVS headsets, and guess what I miss.

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