It turns out I have a blind neighbor

Ever wonder how to find others who don’t see that well around your area? I do. I mean, it would be great to know some people in my area. Just trying to do small talk with random neighbors outdoors is very exhausting so I usually limit it to only people who have dogs, give a compliment or two about the dog, chitchat about the puppy and move on. Since I always wear headphones that also means I never see anyone…

Well, today was a lucky day. We were getting ready for doing our errands when my husband heard something from the balcony. A man shouting, his dog had got lost. His guide dog, so he obviously was scared. We ran out to help him, found his black lab, Ragnhild or something like that, and helped him home. He lives just a few doors from us. I’m happy to have met a neighbor who won’t freak out if I ask what kind of dog he has, or start to talk about accessibility (an observation from the life: most people are very uncomfortable talking about that) or other things I might like talking about. I hope to see him around again.

My husband thought maybe another of our neighbors is blind too. Where June, the gorgeous rotweiler lived, lives someone new or maybe a family since the past few months. I’ve never seen anyone in that apartment or its balcony, but we hear a small friendly sounding dog that barks hi at the window sometimes. The lights are on in the apartment sometimes, and apparently at weird hours at night too. I thought maybe the new neighbors had the social skills of someone living in a flat of the Helsinki suburbs and that’s why we never see those neighbors, but I kind of like the alternatives too. Obviously, I’ve never heard anyone walk with a cane around here…


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