I donʻt see in my dreams but…

I donʻt see generally in my dreams any more.

A few nights ago I had odd pieces in a dream. I went to a bathroom. It was labeled as ladies accessible bathroom, and it was in UK contracted braille. I read it, with my fingers, then entered in the bathroom, and found a room that was far from accessible. A nightmare for any VI – stall dividers that were open higher than the seats so they wouldnʻt exactly provide any privacy from anyoneʻs eyes. Miniature stalls, and air blowing from the ground, and of course I was wearing a skirt. No place for anyone to maneuver a wheelchair certainly, and just a weird weird atmosphere. Nobody else there, I think – at least I didnʻt hear anyone. Sort of like in the real life in that sense.

The reason I remember the dream is reading the braille in it.

Sort of like when you realize you are dreaming in another language than your first.

My usual dreams these days are visual but lack sight signals. Sometimes thereʻs color, sometimes thereʻs light, sometimes thereʻs blur. Yet I know where I am in my dream, often realistically. Donʻt ask how.

In one dream for instance I was sleeping in a different bed. It was realistic, exactly like the mattress on the other room, like it was in the other room too. All completely dark.

In many dreams I get lost indoors, inside buildings. Go this way, then that way, miss a landmark… and you no longer find your way out. Like when visiting giant places in the real life, until you get to learn where the landmarks are.

Then there are those dreams where I have to cross a big road by foot. Those roads I would not cross when Iʻm awake because itʻs just not possible to do that safely.

Those are most of the recent kind. Until perhaps last year I guess my dreams were like those of others.

Iʻve also had dreams where there was for instance a strong sense of smoke and burning, and where everything between sleep and awake seemed to turn to a complete hell of life with Charles Bonnet syndrome. Fortunately my Charles Bonnet is gone. Without rx drugs (not my choice – I did not choose to use them, so I can blame a woman with a strong Indian accent and a medical degree for forcing those drugs on me) I can live a safe, productive life free of sight hallucinations. That crap was the most frightening medical side effect of anything Iʻve yet to endure. And that includes other stuff causing my heart to pound like a squirrelʻs.


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