#JustSayHi eh?

I heard about this #JustSayHi campaign in twitter.

The idea is good: say hi to someone out of your comfort zones. Someone… well, disabled or something. “Hi!” Yet that may nont always get perceived so well. Because it can sound or feel like this.

I like saying hi or good morning to random people – sometimes. Yet most of the times I ignore everyone except my husband. I donʻt see you unless you talk to me and identify yourselves, people. You can stand right there in front of me, and I donʻt see you. If I wear my headphones, you donʻt exist, period. Yet I sometimes know there are people right next to me.

Sometimes people say hi to me. Older people, people who walk with a cane, a few times some guys with probably some developmental or learning disabilities have given a good morning and/or a weird compliment. I like those occasional his. Because… they often come so randomly. From people who recognize how far from granted I take crossing a road or finding a bus stop.

There was some talk about this with friends. And an idea… letʻs do a countercampaign. Just say hi to an abled person for no reason. See how they like it.

(Rats. I canʻt write while there is three different background noises on, including TV news and my music. More tomorrow or later)


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