“Do you see in your dreams?”

“Do you see in your dreams?”

That just seems to be one of the many questions many sighted people wonder about blindness, but one of the very common ones. Do blind people see in their dreams? I donʻt know if other groups get a variation of the same, and it hadnʻt really occurred to me to wonder whether deaf people hear in their dreams, or wheelchair users use a wheelchair in their dreams and so on.

The usual logic of how itʻs supposed to work is that if a person has been sighted during their lifetime, they would maintain the ability to see in their dreams even when their eyes (or brain, depends on which part the sight/vision problem occurs more) no longer are able to provide any input. Whereas if a person has always been blind, there is no sight skill in their dreams.

I suspect itʻs the same way with others. If you once had the ability to hear, there would be sound elements in your dream. If you had legs, youʻd have legs in your dreams and so on.

Thatʻs the theory.

So according to that I should see in my dreams. Because my eyes provided some sight input to the brain.

Yet so much larger part of it is in the brain. I donʻt see in my dreams. I use to have very good visuals in my dreams (I donʻt remember if I ever wore glasses when I wore them in the so called real life. Or did it look just blurry?) This year Iʻve had maybe two dreams where everything was blurry, a few dreams where it was just dark and I used a cane, and the rest lack all visuals, but are still vivid. It is a bit difficult to explain. Itʻs like when you try to figure how others know where they are, or how to give landmarks to someone else for finding their way.

I have dreams. Vivid dreams. I know where I am in them usually. But they just donʻt have those visual elements any more. I may be crossing a road, or Iʻve even had a very vivid dream in which I was sleeping on the other bed (where all the sensations of how it feels to sleep on that bed were there. That was really odd and realistic). So no, I donʻt see in my dreams. And Iʻm not bothered by it.


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