Iʻm a little tired of neurotypical ableists

The title of this post says it all. I am pretty tired of neurotypical ableists.

That probably needs a lot more elaborating and words.

Neurotypicals are the people that think like the “normal people”, those who are not on the spectrum, i.e. donʻt have any thinking patterns or “behaviors” of those with asperger or just regular autism. Ableists are those who see people … with any kind of disability or variation of of the norm (from their standards) as something less than them. Where a Deaf person who is happy and proud to live as a Deaf person does not see him- or herself as disabled or less than a hearing person, or a wheelchair user sees himself as a complete, able person the way he is, for the ableists they are not enough. So an ableist will want to fix that blind personʻs eyesight, that deaf personʻs hearing, and all those people on the spectrum to think neurotypical, as if being on the spectrum was such a terrible disease and disability.

Being on the spectrum has its moments, and they are not all just good.

But a big problem raises when the neurotypical ableist “mental health” professionals try to fix people that are on the spectrum. First, they (the mental health people) donʻt listen. They see a person on the spectrum as just a “px”, a number and name with problems and “behaviors” that need fixing. An autistic person doing anything – yea, those are “behaviors”, as Dr. H. likes to call e.g. showing, or cleaning in oneʻs own home. And behaviors need rx drugs. WTF? Wait, why canʻt we call neurotypicals doing stuff as behaviors?

When staff in a “behavioral health institute” (you can google yourself what that fancy word combo is even supposed to mean) follow the “px” with folders of papers 24 7 and try to encourage “healthy living” habits – such as dedicating 4 hours a day for making sure everyone is eating drugs, and spending all day indoors in airconditioned rooms, etc etc. Hell, youʻd get any sane person go nuts in such an environment. What they tried to fix were my “behaviors” – letʻs just keep them in brackets since I consider having a shower and cleaning in my own home to be normal activities in life that donʻt require dangerous drugs. So, they tried to fix those “behaviors”. Newsflash: it was a rather shitty experience.

I donʻt see much, and when I donʻt have my prescriptions OR my stick OR an O&M person, well… Iʻm a bit lost.

The rest goes beyond what is covered by the famous ADA regulations.

Not allowed to have braille reading or writing tools. WTF?

Not allowed to have an interpret at any given point, despite having to speak in my THIRD language the whole time. WTF?

Being forced drugs, and having to beg for melatonin to be able to sleep. Being denied outdoors air etc etc.

So I have a little reservations about any sort of institutions, and that includes also those for “independent living” at the moment.

I am not comfortable speaking about my “feelings” or emotional statuses using my voice. Just because of having been born in a body that was assigned female sex at birth does not make me talk about emotions like a gender-female. It also does not make me interested in childbearing or talking about small children or wish to procreate. I see no problem being agender or genderfluid – as it feels Iʻm just trying to pass whether Iʻm wearing menʻs or womenʻs clothing. Just like with my regular existing and being it feels Iʻm just trying to pass whether the issue is being neurodivergent or not seeing.

I donʻt see your facial expressions. I donʻt see them even on a giant moviescreen – so an audiodescribed version would do miracles. Oh, and itʻs not just being awake thatʻs affected – I see what I see when Iʻm awake but my dreams have been blind since approximately January. I donʻt see in my dreams (other than color or light sometimes), and Iʻm OK with that.

Itʻs like all those MH professionals are so stuck up and reading their DSM-bible to pick anything. Some of them have decided that I must have some issues adjusting to… *COUGH*. WRONG! Cut it. Youʻre wrong, “professionals”. Leave me alone. Leave my EYES alone. All I need is to learn some more eyeless skills, and Iʻm doing my best to learn those from the others like me.


3 thoughts on “Iʻm a little tired of neurotypical ableists”

  1. I am on the spectrum, and have someone the woman I am living with is being what I lacked growing up a advocate. While she wants me to try she isn’t going to force me. Instead of rocking in public she suggests doing something less out there.

    But again my choice.
    Meds well after being labeled as ADHD for years and taking those meds, and then finding out I wasn’t. Meds can help, but they need to be weighted with a grain of salt.
    My mother always wanted a fix, but truth is I am not broken.


    1. That’s what seems hard for many shrinks – when we’re adults, if we’re not broken, why break us with drugs?
      I’m happy as who i am. I donʻt need to be liked by everyone, but iʻm getting comfortable – i can show people what watching tv or using acomputer is like, butiyʻll br on my terms.
      There is no anxiety or none other negative poop in mind as long as iʻm away of those MH people. Their behavior has been rude and furiating in the past year – … And their drug cocktail got me charles bonneting last year. Still angry at that.

      But as long as they are sighted, they’ll never get it. I “see” things a bit different sometimes. – and always happy to meet other VI who are on the spectrum ❤

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      1. Same as well with the meeting people who are VI on the spectrum. I don’t mind what most think of me. They aren’t my problem. The people who I want around me are not going to sweat some things that come with me.


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