And a few months flew by

Iʻve been thinking, and Iʻve been writing – but havenʻt done much here.

I had the grandiose idea of sharing best links from twitter once a week. That was a few thousand tweets ago – Iʻll really need to set up time for myself to do a weekly twitter note management session or two.

Life has been good.

We went to Ireland. My other half comes out of his shell easier there.

We even saw the Irish president there. We got tattoos, saw friends, walked, just enjoyed the countryside and food – and remembered how painfully cold it gets over there in winter, and how much nicer showers we have home (and how I find it weird someone else makes my bed).

Iʻve been doing a lot of listening and editing. I love hearing different voices read the same professional books. A recent discovery for me was that I could not figure how any of the cake decorating shapes or movements looked like – they were described in text, in voice, with pictures, and with clearly detailed movement instructions. I just could not figure out what anything would look like. Ok, there are some language filters too: a rosette? Like the Italian bread shape? Umm…

Whereas a book about Java programming was much much easier. Iʻll get back to that book tomorrow.

And Iʻll need to get back to school soon. Also for MY OWN school needs. Hadley, … and something local, one day.

Iʻve been thinking a lot. When wouldnʻt I?

I want a dog. Because this is a great city for dogs. And it would be so great to have one for company, even when I run my errands and tasks. The question Iʻm pondering is how to get started: with local dog rescue groups, or one of the guide dog schools? Iʻll have a meeting with a new MD who can hopefully advice for something relatively soon. A dog will make me happy. Iʻm happy now too, but Iʻd love a running buddy, a study buddy, a buddy to take with me when Iʻm anywhere in this world.


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