“You hear people” – “Yea but I donʻt see any people”

“You hear people…” – “Yea but I donʻt see any people” – one of the coolest conversation snippets from my life for a while.

We were out eating. I went to get water for us (I knew where the water fountain was, and how to operate it). When I got back with the water glasses, he was fidgeting with the iPhone and saying something about it being a good day because of something and Led Zeppelin. He heard it. I didnʻt – the restaurant was loud, and my ears could only pick up the people, machinery, and cooking noises.

Only after a minute I would start to slowly hear the beat of the music.

At which point I had pointed it out – and we realized how it can be hard to pick a specific sound especially if you donʻt know what you are supposed to listen to or hear. And home we both like it quiet.

So we came to the agreement that I could hear people, he could hear music (in that restaurant at that moment). Extrapolated a bit further, I told him that he can be the one that sees people… and I think heʻs getting it. Slowly. I can see some people but I donʻt see really any details, so to my they might as well not exist. Because with sound and vision and other senses – some can be interchangeable. So I will keep describing what I see by describing the sounds and the echos and the smells etc.


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