Getting out of your girly comfort zone

No matter what your skills and abilities are, everyone has their comfort zone. Home, comfortable clothing and style, comfortable routes they can manage, their friends and family…

And being out of that comfort zone can be uncomfortable.

It can be fun too, while trying something new or traveling.

Today was interesting. In many small ways breaking out of my comfort and security zones.

I did some running shoe shopping today with my husband. So how would this be out of comfort zone – as I love running? Let me get into the details…

Iʻm a chick. And as such, I dislike white pants. Especially when you donʻt have a very programable body – and feel insecure around… when it might be a red flag day. Oh, letʻs extrapolate on this a bit more. So how does a visually impaired chick… deal with that kind of stuff? I wondered about it too. Then I remembered how I dealt with it before my eye surgeries (duh?), and Iʻm going even bolder now. So letʻs see… first you might learn to see how your mood and bowels might indicate when itʻs close to that time of the month. Then – as long as you have at least some color or a decent amount of light perception left, wipe and look at it. Red? Oh, yep. If you canʻt see the red, then… well, use your nose. Blood has a smell. Oh, but this gets so easily to TMI. Learn to read your own body. Thatʻs all there is to it.

So my chick uncomfort stuff for shoe shopping today were numerous and all probably quite invisible to others. Well, TMI to disclose any red flag information so letʻs keep that private, but I had no makeup (except sun cream, and a tinted lip balm) – still uncomfortable, a top that highlighted my braille tats (act normal – yep, I donʻt see them), a pair of those NoIR grandma style shades.

The running shoe store was nice. I tried on several shoes, and fell in love with a pair (I still need to order a green set of lock laces for it). It felt a bit odd to try the shoes on and think of the basic clothes logistics on the same time – wait: if I ty my shoelaces, does the top cover enough? Are these shorts OK?

I think my shorts and top were OK. I wore a pair of nice Japanese jeans shorts from Uniqlo, and an airism top on top of which I had a striped top, and black easy to put on sandals, and green NoIRs, and a magnifying glass pendant because I felt like wearing it.


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