Letʻs talk about driving, shall we?

Letʻs talk about driving a car, shall we?

Itʻs a bit loaded subject when oneʻs blog is about… well, you know, stuff you donʻt SEE.

Where were we?

Letʻs go back to a number of years.

C drove once to see me in a different city. 20 miles on an autostrada in Italy. When I came to open the door… he got out of the car, and was so drunk he fell on the ground getting out of the car. Note: not too drunk to drive fast on a highway. I laughed my ass off.

My… cousin-ish, my brother-in-honor, is an awesome driver. An insane driver. So are his kids.

And his brother… oh boy. You should have seen how drunk he would drive (not on public roads, but still – driving pretty impressively drunk). He, T, loaned me his car. See where this could be going… no? Good.

So when the insane summer no darkness at night era was ending, and it was finally sleepably dark at night, it was pretty interesting a few nights. It was so dark I couldnʻt walk (and I couldnʻt sleep where I was staying, so I had to move somehow). No flashlights or candles that would have worked. So letʻs drive…

Iʻm not telling what or when; it was not on public roads. OK? Not risking other peopleʻs lives. But a few nights, I could not see anything… so letʻs open the side windows and steer on memory. Yea. Letʻs just say the windscreen was foggy, and that after drinking a bit, and not bothering with the seatbelts one could feel a bit rebel or something.

I have no regrets.

I have no desire to drive any more.

I have no sense of distance or speed. I canʻt read signs even in daylight. Things blind me.

And somehow I also think that would I choose to want to drive, Iʻd need quite a bit of restrictions (ONLY on weather and environment when I could see something, AND with a sighted passenger).

And somehow I think DMV would in that case want to know about some anti-seizure medications Iʻm on. I mean, that Iʻve got some valid prescriptions for.


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