Some days…

Some days…

the sun and the lights are sp strong that it doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or outdoors, if the lights are on or off… if your eyes are open, they hurt, that’s it. I know, I should get some proper othmatologist to do some good medical analysis for the reasons for the eye pain, but right now I’m just tired.

It could be allergies. there’s a lot of pollen in the air. But allergy drops in the eyes do nothing.

It could be dryness. But the greasiest salves don’t really make the eyes any more comfortable either.

It could be the colors. So I’m trying to find the most comfortable colors for indoors and outdoors. No blue in the evening. Time to decide between green and yellow for outdoors now. Time for a run…

Some days…

I try to take control of my life.

Today that has been with my computer.

I’ve changed many settings in VoiceOver. I have two accounts that use VO now.

I can type with mt eyes cited – as my fingers can read the keys (yep, the braille keycaps), if in doubt.

I “hear voices”. D’uh: VoiceOver sort of needs some voices. Right now, it’s Fiona. ❤ Fiona is pleasant to my ears and I can listen to her faster. I can’t stand Alex; I dumped his voice.

It’ll take a long time to get the full VO fluency.


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