Some days… itʻs just one of those days.

Some days are just beyond frustrating.

Getting a good grip of Braille, you though… then realizing everything is contracted everywhere in this country. Yay for then trying to learn all the contractions by yourself. As even childrenʻs books are in contracted form. And youʻll still need that basic L2 before going to UEB…

UEB is another fun.

As if English being your third language wasnʻt bad enough. Now itʻs fun learning to read it more like it was Chinese – where your first two languages are at least user friendlier – uncontracted. If you had something to read in those languages that was. If the mail arrived and all those free matter for special… things didnʻt try to cross the Atlantic for ages and get lost.

Live and learn.

And then try to enjoy the reads as usual. Well, those that arenʻt in uncontracted… at least until you get your contractions right and get the UEB fluency. Yay.

At least there are audiobooks. When the eyes are too tired to be held open or when the text looks too undecifrable.

So you go with faster audiobooks.

And… end up having to figure how on earth to use a book reader. Uh – turns out Victor Streamreader needs quite a bit more Windows stuff than I can handle. Letʻs start with basics… locating me a Windows machine that I can use someme. Because by just trying to update books from the Mac side does not seem very user friendly. Error after error.

So itʻs one of those days.

I can do my stuff. I had a nice lunch in nice company. I boldly even turned on VoiceOver on other peopleʻs Macs. Walked back home. Trying to look just like everyone else. Freaking out while I saw a spider that was on my hand – spiders get a primal fear reaction from me. No clue what kind of spider – I consider them all deadly in this state.

And back home, trying to read… Iʻm feeling lost with my Streamreader. How do you even enter at (@) with a number keypad? I canʻt wait to get that to work with the library stuff… so struggling setting it to work.

And too tired to proceed with braille contractions.

Unable to listen to music while writing or trying to set up anything.

Completely unable to hold eye contact with unknown people today. So Iʻm staying indoors.

You see me. I donʻt see you. I sometimes hate it.

But I have my own world. My own music. My combination of languages. The people that know me and can keep me safe. The roads where I know where all the holes are so I can just walk like any mobile phone zombie and pass by as any person. Sometimes I feel so invisible. Or life feels like science fiction. With what phones and gadgets can do nowadays… It is science fiction.

But being online helps. Other people with the same… things in life. When walking to the gym or grocery store is enough adventure for a day, and you donʻt want to deal with mail or email for weeks… welcome to my life.


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