“They see you before you see them” – indeed

“They see you before you see them.”

Way to go.

And why exactly does it irritate me?

Because anything I do, anywhere I go… people see me before I see them.

Because of my unique Eye And Vision Issue AND the unwillingness or inability to read the eyes or body language – people see me before I see them. People can recognize me – I canʻt recognize them. When I run, I can see thereʻs A Person or A Person with A Puppy – and what kind of clothing/colors the person is wearing, in what colors – and if they seem friendly, reserved, threatening, or scary. But the rest is hazy. I scan the road in front of me, especially when running in nature. So I donʻt know what they really look like, or HOW they run; what do they look at when they run.

When I run, I scan the ground. I dress in coors that are visible enough and in ways that should be warm or cool enough for the weather, AND I wear shades in different colors. I am far easier to recognize than I want to. So Safety First takes interesting loops. Say hi to the puppies, old people, people with sighted guides, young kids with parents etc etc. The drivers of vehicles like UPS, USPS (the shape and the lights are rather distinct), school buses, the golf carts of the maintenance or cleaning crews (they also sound very distinct).

It all comes back to feeling safe around where you live.

So it shouldnʻt matter that they recognize you before you recognize them. It doesnʻt matter you don’t know what kind of puppy they have as long as they seem both friendly, or what kind of plants your neighbor has on their yard or balcony – itʻs something pretty and green so just compliment them.

Iʻd also call it a safety net.


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