I saw Windows 8.1

Today… my eyes have felt achey all day, and Iʻve switched different shades on and off. And have been too self-conscious to just wear green all day. I just want to have some calming mint spray directly in the eyes, and go sleep for a good few days. Eyes closed. It sucks to keep the eyes open just for social purposes.

But hey, something good. I took the bus alone again. I liked it. Even if it was raining pretty badly.

Here thereʻs a button at the bus stop you can use to order the bus. Itʻll tell when the bus is approaching. And when you are on the bus, it tells where you are, so all you need to know is to find the road from the bus stop on wards.

I stopped at the Microsoft Store. And asked for someone to show me the accessibility features. One of the guys showed me. It was a very nice eperience. Windows 8.1 – completely different from the pain I knew in the Windows world many years ago. I showed a few things as they look to me and how I use VoiceOver on my phone.

It has Narrator. And you can pick a ew more accessibly themes, and the navigation works the old-fashioned way – like in VO mouse navigation. I might be interested. But itʻd take quite a while to learn.

I love when I get the chance to ask “Stupid” questions like how a Windows OS works “just show me some of the accessibility features”. It canʻt be that difficult to understand the vision my eyes provide isnʻt the same as the one you get. Iʻm tired of pretending and trying to fit in.

Iʻm kind of turning to think of that mugging in France as a sort of turning point. My driverʻs license was stolen, and I had a concussion. And got a police report of it somewhere – and itʻs sure been recorded since I used that to get a driverʻs license – which by the way after the eye surgery was FINALLY then able to NOT HAVE THE CONDITION of needing vision correction.

Now Iʻve got honestly zero desire to drive.

But more desire to learn.


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