And then those two motorcycle – beep beep

I thought Iʻd already covered most reasons for my … brain injury possible causes.

But every day I remember something new.

I fell from a Vespa type motorcycle once. On my back. The road was icy. I had a heavy coat – that saved my back. I donʻt remember any particular memory issues after.

The same year, same motorized bike fell on me. Icy roads again. It gave probably a minor factor to my right leg – I never went to a hospital to have it checked out. But it had a big blue bruise for months, and it was sore. I also, surprisingly, did feel a bit dizzy – I thought it was because Iʻd broken my leg.

Then one time as a young student I bicycled home drunk. There was snow on the road, so I fell… and have very hazy memories from that night.

Yea, itʻs probably a good thing for me to get more fluency in reading and writing in braille, and learning about safety and accessibility and assistive technologies in general. Especially as Iʻm not really keen on those anti-seizure medications – they make me feel dizzy and throw up all the time IF I actually take them.


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