Oh, and then … I was taken to a hospital

Itʻs funny, documenting all my brain injuries and possible brain injuries that can still be messing with my … stuff now.

I once again forgot about this one. Why? Or how could I… Iʻve still got the scars on my elbow.

So, I was living in Cork, and I had my new second-hand bicycle. I took the road from where I lived to Blarney. I fell off the bike – there was a big hole on the road. Some car drivers stopped and helped me. They called an ambulance (I was dizzy and was rather dizzy for a few days after). A kind man took my bicycle and dropped it to my home. I stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours while they stitched me, and generally – they were NICE. Just nice, polite etc, and I didnʻt see a single garda at the hospital. Then a cab ride home (although I did have the city quite well mapped on my head at that point – I just couldnʻt walk up two miles without feeling fainty or throwing up.

I still might even have the ambulance bill somewhere.

Thank you Mercy Hospital in Cork. You have honestly always treated me very kindly. 


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