WordPress beep beep…

WordPress… I used to be able to use it.

Years ago.

On my other, older blog.

Now… I am getting deeper into the #accessibility world. #a11y #axschat – with #VoiceOver #TextToSpeech and OTHER accessibility settings no longer “just a phase”.

So letʻs see.

Oh, yes. The WordPress comments. Ping backs etc. I canʻt view them now.

There is also an option for “visual” and “html” in creating new text. … do you realize how confusing that is for me? HTML is just the text. But when I use HTML, I have the visual mode in my mind.

Just like when reading or writing in #braille or #audiobooks.

Braillle is a very colorful writing system to me.

Braille is a very beautiful system to my eyes and fingers. Itʻs also three-dimensional.

And when you write it, it ALWAYS has the space elements.

Regular printed 2D text is flat. Itʻs very two-dimensional.

When you read braille, you read like you regularly do.

When you write, itʻs mirrored. (Unless you use a beginnerʻs slate).

When you Perkins, itʻs all in your fingertips. You need to learn to think with your typing fingers. Yes: to type, that finger needs to be 1, that one 2 etc until finger 6. And then youʻve got the space, delete, and row change.

I hope to get a Perkins keyboard one day for my Mac and iOS.

Until then, Iʻm using all the options for typing practice Iʻve got software wise – and the Perkins at The Library.


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