Weekly Links & Discoveries Roundup #1

So many of the blogs and places I follow do their own weekly link roundups. Let me try to dy my first one (In THIS blog. OH EM GEE this is probably not even My First Blog Ever, or Something).

#accessibility #axschat #a11y #voiceover as the particular interests I have at the moment.

Atmac is amazing. Their weekly update this week. The site is amazing – no matter what sort of health problem or disability you have OR are interested in, it covers it. And sheʻs really nice and helpful always. (I thought she was a guy – doesnʻt really matter. Isnʻt that awesome? Once there is a cool, common interest, who cares if someone is male or female, black or white or green or purple?)

I Used Dictation and Voice Control for a Week. Here’s What Happened

An audio file for Wearable Design stuff from SXSW, by @acuitydesign. It was awesome to meet him last week in person. I showed him one of my favorite Book Places in the city I live in, and also how I use some of my #voiceover and #braille stuff. We had some coffee, and I am always happy to see places and areas of the city where ITʻs OK To Use Accessibility Stuff. — Thank you Edgar from RRR for the Voice Memos idea a while back.

Twitter stuff

Stray bar :p

#a11yhero @Knowbility – I actually asked for an #audiodescription of the hero. But letʻs wait until Tommy gets to Austin so I can make the Ultimate Selfie Win Ever.

Self-driving cars by 2030 – OH now I see why I should actually be INTERESTED IN having a driverʻs license some day.

Multisensory communication – can get really confusing in sensory order & strength.  – indeed

RT : People With ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight For Understanding

Some people climb Mount Everest. I’m going to climb a tree. It’s not WHAT you do, it’s THAT you do. ❤

Hey my friend Jaws WE and NVDA struggle reading emoji you tweet. Just wanted to share.

learning to hide needs because they won’t be believed or met anyway.

#Rovio joke in their Local Language. (ma sydan fingerpori)

@ThomasDoesItAll is very cool, also in Pinterest. His parents have taught him all the non-sighted stuff like Braille from a baby AND that has been extremely useful material also for an adult braille learner.

Why are young people scared of disclosing their disability to employers? – a lot of talk about this also with my Other Social Media Sites Friends. A lot of honest, passionate talk.

Proud to that with is an ambassador to  – linky – last Tuesdayʻs chat was really awesome by the way. See?

MUST READ: What My Hearing Aid Taught Me About the Future of Wearables  – linky

Circadian surprise: How our body clocks help shape our waistlines: linky  — this is EXTREMELY relevant to all “blink” people. So letʻs see what BARD comes up with when I ask for research material… (Or hey, Renee… or Sue… got anything in The Library? Uncontracted or audio)

A new word… is there a better one? a “regularly sighted non-CB person”.

Scary 4 letters together. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 – sorry: LOTS of bad memory stuff. Letʻs not focus on that [poop].

Bluffington post. LOL – oh indeed. (Iʻm actually pretty good in that stuff, I think – or hope. I donʻt usually wear my prescriptions AND I donʻt feel comfortable with eye contact or close proximity so make your guesses)

Should be required to provide better to the ?  — totally. @Alan is a good one to follow in Blinky stuff. As is Tommy.

Emoji Life. New Off Topic podcast w . — omg IRISH ❤ 

365 tuits de amor : Alejandro Jodorowsky 2014  linkypoo here

Find out how RNIB Overdrive works with VoiceOver on your iPhone:  – I HEART RNIB and their @Insightradio

people can take photographs using other senses than sight. Icelandic Blind Competition Launched @Perkinsvision linky

I ❤ HEART The IRISH Chef Kurt ❤ linky – I saw him in a Chopped episode. Heʻs really cool – so SOFT EYES and beautiful, silent charm (heʻs also in Instagram). Iʻm so nervous that when Iʻll see him OFFline itʻll be difficult – I CANʻT INTERPRER DEAF PEOPLE – except REGULAR ITALIAN HAND TALK. I mean: I was kind of sighted AND always regular-hearing person (with accents etc etc) in Italy… but OMG I canʻt imagine how cool itʻll be to meet Kurt in person. Iʻve even bought him an analog book…

Braille Exchange: The Changing Braille Code: How Did We Get to UEB and Why? – The Hadley School for the Blind Hadley School. — I have to thank C, my M&O trainer at [my resource] for pointing me at Hadley. OMG – it is an amazing feeling to realize youʻve found some really, really cool M&O and – SKILLS & ABILITIES – people in your own city. I really should also look at BARD for some ASL (and RNIB for some BSL, lol) basics… hmm: “BSL” hand sign would actually make a REALLY cool tattoo. Anyone want to find me a picture of it in a BSL dictionary (for RNIB)?

And Kurt isnʻt the only one who likes #deaftalent.

I ❤ heart Alice. Sheʻs always listening. Iʻd want to watch a movie and have some happy junk food with her.

BBC News – Tube app: Guide for blind people on London Underground  linky

RNIB love ❤ New rights proposed by Norman Lamb  linky

“is there something like “legally deaf”? ” –> ❤ Rikky: . It sounds ridiculous as hell. Like I have to have permission to be deaf or some shit. linky

Il carro armato diventa libreria: arma di istruzione di massa  linkypic

AAAAAND: OMG New audio channel makes fashion accessible for people with disabilities — linky for all ACCESSIBLE FASHION fans

Thank you all my Twitter friends & accidental discoveries.

Itʻs been a great week! Good night! Iʻve had some insomnia (itʻs OK! Iʻm a blink) – and SO much good reads with #voiceover and #axschat as usual…. tweet to you later 😉

P.S. I know it wonʻt hold for [poop] but I REALLY dislike the idea of my Shrinky, Dr. H, MD, whose office uses FaceTime to Record “Phone Calls” that just happen to be FACETIAE…. oh yea: the magic word here is DISABLED customers. OH Iʻm SORRY: Dr, H: I am a BARD member. Google it yourself. I REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO ARE RUDE WITH ME. Iʻm still mad. BUT HEY: I can get all the books I want. I HEART you USPS. ❤ Itʻs honestly  GREAT to have the legal status of a REGULAR print-disabled person.

Not only it enables me to LEARN MORE about the #braille stuff (that got me to see the Shrinkies in the first place) but itʻs enabled me to find so many cool resources AND IT HAS FIRED MY PASSION. I *HEART* all abilities. Just because someone canʻt speak well, canʻt see well, canʻt hear well, might be *gasp* of a color/lack of color, religion/lack of, gay/other “orientation etc” – does it really matter?

I always make a point to say HI to nice puppies, kitties, squirrels, people who are signing, walking with or without a sighted person, are in a wheelchair etc. BECAUSE I or you might have a shitty day BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE – letʻs behave like the nice human beings we would have been until the adults started to train us (“donʻt talk to strangers” “donʻt talk to people in wheelchairs/do pretend signing or people with white canes donʻt exist” etc). BECAUSE if YOU (1 person our of 7,000,000,000+ human beings) are A NICE HUMAN BEING TO OTHERS TODAY, I believe the World is already a Lot Better Place.

— and now good night. Hail Melatonin & Rum…


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