I was running to take the bus to go to work, when I fell – and felt really dizzy afterwards and got this black eye…

So one more minor head injury that I forgot about happened in 2008 I think. Since my boss was still working for The Company I was working for then.

I was on the early shift, so running my 20 minute road to get to the bus stop to be at work at 7AM.

I tripped and fell. On the sidewalk. It wasnʻt in complete darkness either. My hands caught me first, and the skin broke really bad. I felt really dizzy – so I carefully and slowly walked home, back maybe 5 minutes away from where it happened, trying to not lose my consciousness (seeing blood  and injuries HAS that unfortunate side effect on me).

I got home, cleaned carefully the wounds, and lied down for an hour. I felt really dizzy. Uncomfortably dizzy and light-headed.

Then I went to work – because I had to.

My boss saw me later that day. He saw my both hands/wrists were with heavy bandage, and I had a black eye. He asked what happened. I told him.

And then he insisted I would go see a doctor, just to make sure everything was fine. All the other bosses agreed.

I did see a doctor.

And my boss remembers that.

Since I had a black eye (right eye), I think we can now safely assume this little stumble also can be listed on my list of head beep beep injuries.


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