A good weekend is made of…

Good times are made of these:

Family time, good happy foods, interacting with people you know AND with people who are new – and that treat you with kindness. Happy music. Happy time with computers, tablets, BOOKS, READING, LISTENING TO OWN MUSIC, running. NOT FEELING JUDGED.

Essentially: happy family time. Feeling SAFE. OWN stuff.

No nasty flashback memories.

This was a good weekend.

Running with my husband (I love him more than anything).

Happy time with our two cats.

Happy food. On both days.

No stupid visual (or other kind) arguments.

Tweeting a lot. Twitter is my socializing with friends. My connecting with many disʻabled & blinky & invisible friends. MY connection to the world. I had a lot of nice tweet reading and reply moments.

Iʻve had good sleep. I understand the importance of sleep, AND how deeply “blinky” kind my sleep issues are.

Iʻve had good reads. Iʻm slowly exploring BARD Mobile App on iOS. I love it. I can READ anything I want. Iʻll ask my stateʻs BARD library about books and articles about blind peopleʻs insomnia, technical or medical research material about eye cones, rods, and ganglias, about uncontracted  & international braille grammar… about so many things I have the desire and THE TOOLS and ACCESS to read about.

Iʻll look forward to next week.

To cleaning in my home. Reading more on my BARD devices. Going to Learning Ally, and maybe finally meeting my M&O trainer in The Library. Meeting The Outreach people of many places – and doing some of my usual Friday stuff AND helping at a Library event on next Saturday.

It will need a lot of outdoors and exercise time too.

And I have to finally deal with some paperwork quick with my sister.

Itʻs all good.

Everything is clear in my head. All in uncontracted braille – so time to study more about Level 2, Grammar, Mathematics, and meet some teachers. 🙂


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