“You were off your meds…” – correct.

I was just thinking a bit further about this drama. What said Doctor Lastname, MD, said to me on last Friday on my appointment.

“When you called me in January, you were off your meds…”

But wait – in the phone call AND more specifically in the callback I DID specify which meds I was off of. Blood pressure meds.

Those had no refill authorized in the presription that I had from another Doctor Firstname Lastname, MD.

Also, my blood pressure was measured by other Doctors, First and Last Names, MDs, such as [specialists in eye-related medical issues, allergy-related medical issues, AND general practice – “physician” or “family doctor” as they are apparently called in the USA}. Iʻm A BIT CONFUSED if my blood pressure that had such readings – WHILE I WAS OFF THOSE MEDS FOR WEEKS – as 112/60 on left arm and 114/74 on the right arm need medication for high blood pressure now. Oh, but wait: on that call in January said Doctor Lastname, MD, said:

You need to talk to your physicist for that prescription for your high blood pressure medication.”

So yea. OK. My physicist did not approve or write me any prescriptions for high blood pressure medication when I visited him.

Which is good.

Sine in January it was typical to not be able to get out of bed before 11 AM because of extremely low blood pressure while on that high blood pressure medication. I know what low blood pressure means; ask any qualified former person who might have had a long history of random medical issues or some kind of “eating disorder” type of phase in their preteen years. I know what dangerously low blood pressure and a pulse of 46 BPM feels like. I did not consider it to be healthy to continue that mediation before talking to MY PHYSICIAN.


Now how do I make sure Dr Lastname, MD, has no access to my medical records? His “customer-patient” relationship is in ice with me. Until exclusively otherwise defined.

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