So letʻs see… doctors avoiding taking charge in case of risks? No way…

Good I keep track of all the drugs I have had prescriptions for.

So letʻs look back for a few months…

1. AAAA, by Dr, T; no refills authorized. Horrible side effects (f-ed up sleep; very blurry vision; hallucinations – and we are talking about vision impaired people drugged-beyond-eyeballs level here)

2. BBBB, by Dr. S; no refills authorized. Oh good. Phew. Because that blood pressure medication seriously screwed my blood pressure to too low levels every morning until around 11 AM. Fortunately my physician did not renew or authorize this drug.

3.  CCCC, by Dr S; no refills. OH: this drug got doubled in dosage by Dr H; side effects include constant nausea, occasional vomiting. Increased bleeding, headaches, migraines, increased period discharge, and a number of other minor ailments. According to Dr. H all side effects are irrelevant. Oh, this is the anti-seizure drug I was talking about earlier.

4. DDDD, by Dr. H; side effects: makes me sleep unconsciously for overnight sometimes (i.e. not a restful sleep; just unconscious. No dreams at all. Shitty mood the next day, or while on this drug). Also sudden bursts of anger and thoughts of violence occur frequently. Fortunately Iʻve never had urge to be violent against another human being or an animal. According to Dr. H, this drug will make me feel “less depressed“. That is a rather shitty reason for taking a drug – since I have no problems with depression as long as Iʻm far from doctors T, H, and S, and anyone like them.

I also have other prescriptions I donʻt have problems with. Such as 1) drugs for allergies prevention, 2) allergy relief, 3) lungs (without elaborating the details here), and 4) eyes. Oh, and 5) a sleep aid I actually like. And that works for me. Fine; number 5 on the list is called melatonin, and I am rather deficient in its production by my bodyʻs natural means still this time of the year.


AAAA caused issues – wait; Dr H caused other poop by my refusal to take it for its side effects.

BBBB – Iʻm no longer on that one, and I hope no long term harm was caused by that prescription no one authorized any refills for.

CCCC – well. Iʻm not too thrilled on the side effects – Iʻm afraid to take anything, even a regular painkiller or migraine drug because of the side effects itʻs had and still has on my body. Iʻm also alarmed by the doctorʻs refusal to answer certain questions, and his insisting that anti-seizure meds are OK for drivers… sure. Letʻs see what brews out of this.

DDDD – this is the shittiest excuse of a drug since AAAA. Letʻs see what my GP thinks about authorizing any refills on that after my one more refill.

Drs T, S, and H and can go [you, as a reader, are supposed to use your imagination here. My mind is blank – perfectly fine side effect from CCCC and DDDD according to Dr H].

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