A quiet weekend is always a good weekend

Too much drama is bad.

And much of the things I process and write are about the less sunny side of life. I write about them, so I donʻt have to talk about them, and I donʻt have to think about them after writing about them once. There: once itʻs written, itʻs out of my mind. Poop memories: gone out of my mind. Happy. Yes – just happiness remains.

And now letʻs start with a blank happy topic.


So good time together with the family.

Thatʻs the goal.

And weʻre doing pretty good on most weekends.

Iʻve learned where the possible anger points and arguments usually arise from.

Itʻs always the visual stuff. Visual descriptions of something. I get excited about my … well: VISION related stuff. And he thinks I talk too much; “calm down”… so I have to dumb it down. OK.

But there are things a good weekend consists of. Let me spill some of it out.

1. Exercise. Fun alone; a million times better together.

2. Food. Cooking together (Four Senses is a brilliant place to get inspiration from). Eating together.

3. Food – eating out.

4. Shower time – or other relax time. Together. A really good shower cleans insanely well. A really good massage helps insanely too.

So what does that list not have? Arguments. Or watching too much TV.

And I like to keep it that way.

Itʻs not a crime to not like TV. Itʻs not a crime to prefer foreign TV, and watch it on an iPhone app, with headphones only. While the other people in the family play computer games, or have a nap.

There. Thatʻs what my happy weekends consist of. Itʻs all simple stuff. Happiness is in the good things.


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