“DMV doesnʻt need to know about your anti-seizure medications!”

DMV doesnʻt need to know about your anti-seizure medications.”

Now thatʻs quite some bold words in a statement. Especially when it comes spoken out of the mouth if your physician. I mean, the physician, MD, whose name is listed as the doctor on your bottle of prescription, well, medicine. So a physician who ordered you some anti-seizure medication… tells you that. What would you think?

Oh, wait, he didnʻt even stop there. “I donʻt know what that [DL-101 for DMV] is.” “You should ask your physician if you need that paper.” Oh, but you are the physician who wrote me that prescription. Oh, I might get a second physicianʻs opinion all right.

Meanwhile… yea. Sure. So the department of the motor vehicles has no reason to know about any anti-seizure medication people are taking. Now what if I – hypothetically – considered learning to drive in this country, and there were no letʻs say SIGHT-related issues (that could not be considered with DMV form DL-63)… what if I possibly had a seizure while I was driving a car? Or an epileptic fit?

Perhaps those are are as irrelevant as the constant headaches and some nasty migraines AND increased bleeding Iʻve experienced while taking that drug as instructed.

Such irrelevant little factors that I might even FORGET to mention about the drug when going in for any routine medical exam, procedure – or e.g. a dental cleaning.

What could possibly go wrong?

But sure, I take his words. It is a very safe drug. So I have no reason to not exercise in a healthy mode etc etc. So healthy fresh outdoors air, exercise, good nights sleeps, etc.

Oh, and I forgot. Healthy food. I like healthy food, tasty food, and cooking. And eating out.

The physician, MD, who didnʻt think DMV has any reason to know about the anti-seizure medicatio, also said that the nutrition is completely irrelevant to oneʻs health. Just – wow again.

Sure, it may be irrelevant in a short run, but over decades, the nutrition influences and deficiencies accumulate. And the deficiencies can also manifest as something in the following generations. Epigenetic markers, you know…

I know my parents were rather malnourished as children – from poor countryside in the second world war. And my dadʻs side of the family was extremely poor for generations – for the parts that were known about the family – so even less luck there. No wonder everyone on my dadʻs side of family has issues with asthma and allergies. But I will never talk about those things with the physician, MD, that Iʻm ranting on this page here.


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