The best eye doctor visit ever – oh: and Iʻm officially dyslexic now

Today morning I and my mildly red-green colorblind husband went to get our eyeballs checked on the same time. It was a great experience.

He got a new prescription, with brown/amber toned transitions and no frames with red sides.

I instead had a lot of fun with the eye testing and opticians, and went with full yellow with my prescription. With frames that are of my favorite colors.

And I got an eye doctorʻs signature and filling for paperwork for joining the talking book program in Texas. Awesome – I canʻt wait to play Daisy and get all formats of Braille for learning new stuff. Handsfree reading! Reading with my eyes closed! A  triple win.

All I needed to do was have a good discussion about what I wanted (“give me a prescription for yellow, no-blue vision”), and explain how braille letters are composed, how my math problems have always occurred no matter which format – pencil, computers,  UK post numbers, even braille – numbers and letters get confused. And when I showed him why I confuse 5 and 9, 0 and 8 in this case – well, didnʻt really need anything else. Plus it felt great to dress up with completely stripes/pattern mode and show how to read and write or type. And to show off my tattoos 🙂

So I am officially dyslexic now – and Iʻm excited about it. Which made me want to play with reversed colors today – so far Iʻm loving it.

3 thoughts on “The best eye doctor visit ever – oh: and Iʻm officially dyslexic now”

  1. I think it is important to know the patient and consider him/her as a person and friend. I always spent about 5 minutes or more simply sitting and talking with them before starting the exam, per se. You seemed to find a doctor who treats a person rather than treating a disease.

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