Movie review: Kingsman – blue, blue, yellow, bang bang panic attack

Today we went to see Kingsman in cinema. Just my green-red colorblind husband and me. He loved it.

I kept my right eye mostly open to look like I was watching it. My right eye to be precise, as my husband was sitting on my right side, and I wanted to look like my eyes were open and moving. So with right eye, with just randomly moving my eye on the screen to keep it more interesting – surprise: it was rather blurry. Actually nothing was in focus – pretty good job for my part. Like everything completely out of focus, compared to what my feet and path a few feet ahead of me looks like when I run.

I wore my blue-blocking NoIR again. Those just make everything more quiet and calm (oops – the movie was loud). With those, I was surprised how bland the color scheme looked on Sony Digital 4k. Blue, blue, yellow. Uh. Blue is so boring.

At points there was too much action with guns. The soundtrack was a bit too aggressive to my taste. And the last at least half an hour was painful – so I kept my both eyes closed, cried, and my eyeballs were hurting inside my eyelids. On that part the music was very aggressive and attacking, and there was too much shooting and sounds of metal clapping and splashing. I wiped my eyes with a napkin a number of times (bummer I had to actually open my eyes for that – didnʻt really have any interest in seeing anything on the screen at that point). And cried, and cried, and cried. And my lungs didnʻt really like it either – even though to be honest, the outdoors weather turned to be extremely bad for my allergic rhinitis while we were seeing the movie so that might have aggravated the situation too.

After the movie I went to cry and check my twitter in the toilet.

Iʻm still feeling rather “emotional” to put it nicely. Half an hour with steamy action with a personal vaporizer at least got my lungs to work a bit better – then half an hour of searching for my new bluetooth headphones so I could charge them overnight (using my ʻlight caneʻ)… and Iʻm feeling rather internally-emotionally combusted to just fall asleep as I type.

Iʻm going to sleep with a water gun next to bed. Charged. And with a glass of water so I can charge it. I shot my husband with a water gun, after I had explained that the movie left me a bit panicky feeling; as in a therapeutical thing to do. Tomorrow itʻll be time to look for a silly-looking air gun (or whatchamacallit those that shoot tiny plastic things). Iʻll be shooting a lot of angry braille text in the garage for a number of days.

And time to get prepared for bed – yay for more anti-seizure medication that makes me feel nauseous and gives me irregular headaches all the time (never mind what it does to my bowels. You donʻt want to know). Then another night of sleep when Iʻm completely unconscious and donʻt have any recollection of any dream until I wake up when it starts to be light outdoors, or my alarm goes off or something makes a bling on some electronic device or one of the cat decides to wake me up. But at least Iʻve got my tomorrowʻs outfit ready, and Iʻm really excited about getting my eyeballs checked out. (If they were Braille eyeballs, Iʻd give them a C. Ha ha.)

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