Life looks more interesting without blue and white

I discovered last week that Facebook uses so much blue because Mark Zuckerberg is green-red colorblind.

I also discovered this week that my husband has the same issue – which is odd. I can see and describe the colors strongly. As an example – I wear yellow, blue-blocking glasses daily (they also block UV(. So everything looks nice and soft. Yesterday we got me a polaroid fishing glasses from a sports store – just regular type for fixing, the lenses covering all vision pretty well. Driving back in the car and later watching at my iPhone and all electrronics made everything look odd – like looking at rainbows or those polaroid of whatchamacallit safety stickers.

So today watching TV I started to get quite bored with how much blue and white is in everything.

Next… “hmm, how do I turn off blue and white in Facebook..” – dʻoh: system preferences of the OS.

After which… this looks rather interesting. Writing this has quite the same look as my blog. So no more giant white and annoying blue. Oh yea.

So now the only time to have colors on will be for shopping… 🙂 — OMG the pointer hand is BLACK when you have reversed colors. ❤


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