An exciting weekend – and then ʻone of those nightsʻ – sigh;

It was a nice weekend – and then one of those nights.

Letʻs go to the weekend first. The weekend was GREAT. I went running with my husband on both days. We had some really good exercise time together. A good, healthy sweat, fresh outdoors air. Then good food, and some cooking together (heating a different frozen meal together in the same oven counts as cooking right now, because I say so). Good movie and TV entertainment time.

On Saturday we even ventured to some shops. We stopped first at a sports store, where he looked for ammo and gun parts, and we walked quick past air gun aisle too. I canʻt help but make comments about the design o the parts and things I donʻt know what they do or where they fit. “What are you looking at?” – imagine a giant wall with boxes that are like 2×2 inches and all stacked in neat rows so there are thousands of different kinds of boxes. They might as well have been in Chinese – I did not know what information he was looking at the boxes. Brand? Text? Size of the box? Numbers on the box? It was a very alien experience to me. But at least I found a pair of nice green pants that work for running, and a matching (in dyes)  top with long sleeves and light fabric.

Then we went to browse the Apple store. I had looked for headphones earlier in the morning – it was clearly time to get a new pair. What I wanted – and badly needed – was a wireless stereo headset. One that I can use with my iPhone or iPad mini when Iʻm outdoors, for watching movies or listening to music or doing ANYTHING where the sound is important, even calling, without also completely covering the sounds of my environment. So light, a good fit for running – not coming out of my ears if I run or fiddle around , and something thatʻs not screaming ʻsteal me; Iʻm expensiveʻ. A sports storeʻs web page had a bunch of quite nice models, but it was nicer to see them in person. The Apple store was full of people – and there were more than two models that seemed a good fit for my needs. I was excited to ask the sales person their opinion: “Hi, Iʻm a VoiceOver user, and would like a headset that works well with both iPhone and iPad – can you tell about the differences between [this] and [that[ model?” The guy had a curious face – and some good knowledge. But unfortunately my husband wanted to show he knows better – he knows a lot about bluetooth technology but that was not why I asked for advice. I wanted to ASK MYSELF, EXPLAIN MYSELF what is it Iʻm looking for and what I want to know. :ʻ(

But we got the headset. Itʻs great. Itʻs got a lovely sound, for music, TV etc. Iʻll do a review of them in Applevis soon.

But then last night I got “emotional”. Fuck. I felt aggressive deep inside me. Then we argued about some stupid non-issue, and I fell asleep. I donʻt remember a single bit of any dream, so I was essentially unconscious between 11.30 PM and around 7.15 AM. That scares me.

— A new wordpress #a11y frustration: how do I edit a post that has already been published?


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