So I crossed the road again… “Whereʻs my audio? Why is the text bold “

Oh, the “adventures” of crossing a road…

Yes, everyone knows how to cross a road, so whatʻs the deal again? Oh, yes – it can be interesting. In different cities, on different streets, in different countries, different cultures… Yes, Iʻve crossed the roads in over twenty countries, at least ten in which Iʻve lived in.

Today I went for a walk, my usual route. I wanted to make a sound capture in Audioboom for a friend in UK – heʻs never seen anything, and we were talking about crossing a road. They have those rotating cones in UK – but of course the difficulty is that itʻs very hard to explain what that even means until you see one in action, or someone describes how itʻs designed and how it works. I wanted to capture the sound of a talking pedestrian crossing for him. So I had my phone with, and I switched from music to Audioboom, and… well, to make my phone do anything I had to do the VoiceOver dance. On/off/on/off taptaptaptaptap tap tap tap? taptaptap… So I managed to record the sound of crossing a road in a talking light, from one side of the road to the other, but the recording got lost. I have no clue where it is. I canʻt find it in Audioboom.

And when I got home, I discovered that while I had desperately to put some Display & Brightness on my phone, the text was bold, and the phone had been restarted at least once. Oh well – Iʻll try to record it the next time, or on an iPod Touch – why not?


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