“I just woke up, and there was this dude in my apartment…”

You wake up, and discover thereʻs an unknown man in your apartment. Would that scare you?

Itʻs happened twice to me. It is scary – then you forget about it.

The first time I was studying in Finland, and I woke up one night. I had my own room, with key and lock, and I woke up as someone entered. I was sleeping naked, so I grabbed quickly my blanket, and rushed to see what was going on. There was a light behind the door the intruder had entered from. All I could see about the intruder was that he was male (sounded male at least), and he was white (seemed white; I couldnʻt even tell the hair color). So now letʻs make this story with a happy ending: the man said something that seemed that to be that he was the janitor and was at a wrong door. This was like 1 or 2 AM on a Friday night. Yea, right… janitor.

Fortunately the man got out. I think he realized how scared I was.

If it had been more of a dangerous kind of intruder, itʻd have been bad. If I would have had to describe the man to anyone, my description would have been pretty … blurry, to put it at its best. “A man, sounded like a man. I think he was white because I donʻt think he looked black. Then again Iʻm not sure as there was just the light from the corridor, outside the door. And… I guess he sounded like he could be Finnish.” – good luck with any police investigations to go on from that. Depending on my reasons and length of stay and language skills at that point, can you imagine how blurry the concept of sounding Finnish is? I was for sure not able to tell from which part of Finland – or for that matter be able to tell if it had been e.g. a Russian whoʻd lived there for five years.

The second time was in Palermo. I shared the apartment with four or five other girls, and one morning the door opened, and there was this man… I donʻt know how I recognized it was Giuseppe from the door below, perhaps from the voice, because again we have a very blurry description: tall, white, with black hair or a hat… oh, the sound. Ciao Giuseppe, che ci fair qua? Again, fortunately a nice guy, of the good kind, and heʻd come to ask me something. That time it had actually been one of my asshole Sicilian girl housemates that left the door open on purpose. Gee, thanks, Lina.

Oh, and now while we navigate in the memories to Palermo, can I continue? Can you imagine living in a city where tap water works for 5-6 hours every 2 days? Palermo isnʻt that bad – as for instance in Bagheria it was 1 day out of 6. Yes, that is a pain in the ass. How it works is you have a water pump with a motor, and reservoir. When the water is running, you turn the motor on, fill the reservoir, then when itʻs done or latest when the water is not running, you turn it off or it burns and you have to buy a new one. Or, as the motors are on the condominiumsʻ open access places, sometimes some asshole motor mechanic or other random thief raids the motors of a whole palazzo. Yep, that happened too. If you want to drink water, flush your toilet, or have a shower or a bath, you donʻt really have a choice but to buy a new one immediately. That didnʻt leave a very nice taste in mouth when that happened.

Itʻs been too long since I havenʻt been to Sicily. Time to visit it with my husband one day.


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