The sound of a light switch starts to annoy me

I would never have imagined that the sound of a light switch would have stated to annoy me so much recently.

I guess itʻs because lights are something that are used all the time, and most of the time they are also automatic, no one stops to think about it – and then when a normal-sighted person does something, looks for something, or makes sure e.g. a door is locked, what do they do? They turn on the light. It was a mystery to me how my husband can tell if our front door is locked from upstairs, as I donʻt see how he simply could figure it out from so far, and so he explained his method. Yet, itʻs the lights on…

“Close your eyes honey, Iʻll turn the lights on.” At least thatʻs a good start. He has realized that sometimes it is too much light for me, and my eyes hurt if I try to keep them open.

I sleep with an eye mask on. One of the type they give on airplanes. It just makes it easier to sleep. I need total darkness to sleep. Sounds are OK; I often put some Italian TV or some white noise (like sea or ocean) on my in-ear headphones of my iPhone; when Iʻll fall asleep the earphones will fall off and thatʻs it. Itʻs nicer than trying to focus on a book at the moment.

I shower often with lights off. Because when the bathroom door is open, light comes from the other room, and the room always looks different. I donʻt need bright lights to shower – I love the shower stall as it is. Everything is located where Iʻve put the items, and itʻs easy and fun to sometimes try different shower gels etc  (we get Birch Box for men, so there are often different small products to try, and of course itʻs often a case of “hmm, is this for face or hair?” if an item has been moved. A shower in a very dark room with just a bit of blue lights is really nice too – and sometimes I put some music for background. Even a small bluetooth speaker that I can suction cup to the shower cell. Shaving in the dark is also much easier – you have to focus on your skin and fingertips. So my results are always a better shave if itʻs been a quiet, dark shower with some relaxing music.

My husband always turns the lights on in the bathroom. I donʻt. I love not having to rely on lights in my own home. I know where my bathroom is, where to sit and where to find the paper, where my kitchen items are, and what time my balcony gets light.

So fine, I can function in my home in the complete darkness – I mean, night-time mode, without touching a light switch. (I can always find some time indicator or a small light, or use my white light dot or a red dot I use for walking in the dark)

And then I forget about it.

Now Iʻve at least getting very comfortable with my electronics. Iʻve got VoiceOver on/off all the time on all my devices. iPhone is easy to navigate and use – everything is in order I know. Each app, folder, icon… and as Iʻve got “Display & Brightness” set to as “off” position as possible, and to not auto-adjust it, it means if I try to use my phone or iPad outdoors, I donʻt have a choice but to VoiceOver it. Oh wait – itʻs loud outdoors, so good I always have headphones with it.

Yesterday I wanted to finish watching a movie on my iPad. I had an hour left of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, and I wanted to listen to the end of it by the swimming pool (too cool to swim still, but it was a nice weather to relax in the sun a bit). But it was difficult – I couldnʻt find how to continue with the correct film, even when I got Netflix to play. I couldnʻt remember where my system preferences were so I couldnʻt also see if turning the Display & Brightness on would have helped anything. Oh well – Music time with iPhone then. At least I that worked (but leaving VO on has its own annoyances too – “landscape – home button to the right” “screen locked” etc. I know; please donʻt talk over my music).

10:45AM; itʻs nice and sunny outdoors. Itʻs early February, and today is a very nice and warm weather for this time of the year, so Iʻve got a sports t-shirt and short running shorts on. No need to have any lights indoors. Iʻm about to go out for a nice run with my iPod Nano that doesnʻt have VO but I can still make it work for me…


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